Scientific Papers - Standards and Regulations

Deadline for submitting papers: May 30, 2019.


Submission dates for papers: November 26, 2018 to March 29, 2019.
- Abstracts must be sent in only through the Congress website, at the paper submission area. The contents of each abstract and its evaluation are confidential and the responsibility of the authors. Texts written in Portuguese, Spanish and English may be accepted.
- Papers may be accepted when completed and with findings through to the submission deadline, including: Clinical Case Studies, Case Reports and Experiment Reports.

- There is no need to pay the Congress registration fee in order to submit papers; registration is all that is needed.
- In order to ensure attendance and the presentation of the paper at the Congress, the presenter must pay the full registration fee by the deadline of May 31, 2019.
- One of the authors must register on the event website and complete the submission form, accepting responsibility for the paper and receiving messages about the stages of the paper at the Congress through the related email address and/or through the respective Congress attendee station.
- Information is required with the full names of the authors and the institutions with which they are affiliated. This information may not be included in the title or text of the abstract, being entered only in the appropriate fields.
- There is no limit on the number of submissions, but each author may present no more than three papers.
- No more than ten authors may be listed for each paper.
- The lead author: must complete the paper submission form fully and correctly; with the Scientific Committee of the Congress taking the final decision through judging the scientific merit of each submitted abstract; enter the names of the authors and their institutions fully and correctly; provide the name of the presenter (one of the authors) selected to present the work; enter into contact with the Scientific Papers Secretariat at the Congress whenever requested to do so; keep the other authors advised of all information conveyed on the submitted paper; present the paper as approved on the date and time established by the Open Topics Commission of the Congress.
- No alterations may be made to the contents of abstract/papers after completing the submission process and sending in papers for consideration by the Committee.

Oral Open Topics: The papers selected for oral presentation will be presented in the Congress auditoria, with multimedia resources available.
Oral Presentation Rules: The author must deliver the presentation (file in PDF or PPT format) at the Media Desk up to two hours before the presentation; presentation duration: fifteen minutes per paper, with ten minutes for presentation and five minutes for discussion.

Poster Sessions: Papers selected for presentation at the Poster Sessions will be arranged by Core Theme and displayed on a date to be set subsequently. Papers will be suggested for commented presentation with planned discussions, competing for prizes. Other papers accepted for Poster Sessions will be displayed, but with no live commentary at the event venue. Papers selected as Commented Posters must be presented on the date and time defined by the Committee. Presentation time: five minutes per paper, with three minutes for presentation and two minutes for discussion.


Lead speakers must select one of the theme areas listed above, with reclassification by the Open Theme Committee if deemed pertinent.

The authors must prepare the text and submit the abstract for the corresponding field, compliant with the following instructions:

Title: up to 150 characters (not in uppercase).

Abstract text (written in Portuguese, Spanish or English): up to 300 words in a single paragraph, structured as: Introduction, Purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusion. No font formatting is permitted, including special characters, formulas, tables, charts, figures, illustrations, footnotes or colors.

At the end, three to five Key Words must be added after the Abstract, together with a declaration on conflict of interests. Descriptor Database - check key words: DeCS (http://decs.bvs.br/).

Presentation Certificates will available on the Congress website up to seven days after the event. One certificate will be issued for each abstract, following the registration order of the authors.

The abstracts of accepted works will be published in the Jornal Brasileiro de DST electronic journal. (http://www.dst.uff.br/).